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HS3040 Precision Flat Screen Printing Machine

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  • HS3040 Precision Flat Screen Printing Machine

HS3040 Precision Flat Screen Printing Machine is a universal flat screen printing machine. It can be widely used in various industries such as daily necessities, toys, electronics, electrical appliances, plastics, leather, metal, glass, light industry, and food packaging.

1、 This precision flat screen printing machine has the following characteristics:

1. Each position is electrically sensitive, with accurate positioning and excellent performance.

2. The workbench can be finely tuned in terms of left and right, front and rear, and angle, and the positioning is accurate and stable.

3. The left and right movements of the scraper are guided by guide pillars, which are lightweight and stable, improving the printing quality.

4. The scraper is pushed left and right by a German FESTO rodless cylinder, with strong power and smooth movement.

5. The lifting and lowering of the mesh frame adopts guide pillar guidance, with high accuracy and smooth movement.

6. Stable performance, the entire machine is controlled by world-class microcomputer controllers.

7. According to customer needs, there are two preset functional programs, single cycle printing and full automatic printing.

8. Adopting the latest imported pneumatic components, the power is smooth, strong, and durable.

9. Special shock absorption device, the machine operates very smoothly;

10. The operation panel adopts a sensitive and light touch system, and can be directly selected with silk screen function for quick response and convenient use.

2、 Technical parameters:

1. Printing color 1 color

2. Single cycle can

3. Continuous exercise can

4. The item count can be

5. Speed adjustment is possible

6. Delays in various parts are acceptable

7. Printing speed 1200 times/hour

8. Maximum mesh frame 300mmX450mm

9. Maximum printing area 250mmX350mm

10. The maximum height of the workpiece is 80mm

11. Net frame up and down stroke 160mm

12. Left and right stroke of scraper 350mm

13. Adjustable lifting and lowering of mesh frame by 80mm

14. The upper and lower strokes of the scraper and oil scraper are 20mm

15. Drive pneumatic