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Daily maintenance methods for fully automatic screen printing machines

Release time:2023-05-13popularity:185

Screen printing machines have been widely used in various industries, but every operator of a fully automatic screen printing machine performs daily maintenance before operating the machine every day. Due to the importance of daily maintenance of fully automatic screen printing machines, the lifespan of the machine can be extended. So do you know that the daily maintenance of fully automatic screen printing machines is also important? The editor introduced the daily maintenance methods of the fully automatic screen printing machine below.

1. Before operating the silk printing machine, the operator should check the movable guide rail surface and the joint of the guide rail surface of the silk printing machine below for any residual dust, oil stains, depilation, damage, etc.

2. If the silk printing machine is not used for a long time, it should be wiped clean and placed in a cool, dry, and well ventilated environment.

3. If the operator does not have the guidance of a professional craftsman, they cannot disassemble the touch screen. Because the touch screen is prone to damage.

4. Operators should regularly carry out investigations on the condition, accuracy checks, adjustments, fault analysis, and status monitoring of screen printing equipment. Machinery and equipment cannot accommodate operations, quantities, clamps, cutting tools, workpieces, materials, etc.

5. Employees are strictly prohibited from disassembling parts during daily maintenance of the silk printing machine. When a silk printing machine malfunctions, the emergency stop switch must be immediately pressed, then the main power supply must be cut off, and the service personnel must be notified.

6. Maintenance of screen printing machine components: When adjusting the machine, do not use hard objects to strike the magnetic levitation and other bonding components. If you don't do that, the machine will easily deform. In addition, it is important to clean the sliding parts in a timely manner to prevent foreign objects such as ink from falling off and affecting their assembly, separation, and adjustment work.

There are many aspects to pay attention to in the daily maintenance of the screen printing machine, as improper use can shorten the lifespan of the screen printing machine. Therefore, staff need to maintain and maintain it correctly. In addition, regular inspections, daily inspections, weekly inspections, and six-month inspections of the printing machine are also necessary. It is not only necessary to check the safety of the printing machine, but also to check personal safety. Mainly consisting of maintenance personnel and assisted by operators.